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What We Do
YES! For Youth offers:

The School to Career Model

Successful Graduation
We assist young people in grades 11-12 to graduate and successfully transition from school to appropriate post-secondary opportunities. A full-time Career Specialist provides services to high school seniors or juniors/seniors at risk of not graduating. Students receive services in one class period per day, usually for academic credit. The JAG competency-based curriculum is utilized to prepare the students with the skills needed to gain entry-level employment. Job placement and follow-up services are provided for one year after graduation.

The Multi-Year Model

We assists young people in grades 9-11 to stay in school, complete their secondary education, and then successfully transition from school to appropriate postsecondary opportunities. Upon graduation, job placement assistance and a year of follow-up services are also provided.
High School Completion

The Graduate Recovery Model

We assist out-of-school youth, ages 16-21, with the attainment of the high school diploma or the GED certificate. Participants are also encouraged to attain an occupational skills certificate. Job placement and follow-up services are provided for one year after graduation.
Retention & Recovery

The Employability Skills and Work Experience Program

We also have an abbreviated version of the in-school program designed to serve those youth who desire to be a part of the program, but attends a school that does not have JAG services. In addition, these participants also have the opportunity to take part in a subsidized work experience program.
Work Skills & Experience

The Career Association

Career Association Chapters
Career Association Chapters Hold Initiation & Installation Ceremonies
The local Jobs for Ohio's Graduates Career Association Chapters recently held their annual Initiation and Installation Ceremonies. 

This event is the kick-off event for the JAG student-led organization, which recognizes all members by their initiation onto the organization.  The student officers for each chapter, elected by their peers, are installed at the event.
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